Lifting Rack

The lifting rack facilitates storing frequently used items, avoiding the waste of potential storage space.

A lifting track allows the storage rack to be lowered to a reachable height for easy access.

The lifting rack comes in four different sizes:

1) width 450mm

2) width 600mm

3) width 750mm

4) width 900mm

A switch helps control the different load bearing intensity according to the storage capacity.

Pull-down Dual Rack

Consisting of a front and a rear pull basket, the pull-down dual rack allows easy reach of items stored high and deep in kitchen cabinets for effective use of space.

Width: 600/750mm; Height: 500/700mm

Rotary Rack

Using a manual lifting principle, the position of the upper and lower rotary rack can be easily swapped by pulling them to eye level for easy access.

Storage Rack

With the front panel opened, the upper shelf is ideal for storage while dishes and other objects can be placed on the lower shelf. Closing the front panel, the storage rack serves to hang kitchen utensils in addition to storing miscellaneous items.

Lifting Spice Rack

Utilizing the space between the upper and lower cabinet, the rack is excellent for hanging cooking utensils and placing spice bottles and small objects. It can be pulled down and lifted up for easy accessibility.